Street Trackers, Cafe Racers ,Specials
Street Trackers, Cafe Racers ,Specials


We Specialize in Street Tracker and Cafe Racer builds and Conversions

Here at Fab Tanks everything is hand made in house. This obviously takes longer than some companys that offer a simlar service but buy off the shelf parts and are basically building a kit bike that can and will be duplicated many times. We pride ourselfs on makeing one off parts and bikes to the customers satisfaction. Your not going to hear the words "i've got one the same as that" . We can help you with the design of your bike and recommend the latest suspension and brakes to give you that up to date handling and reliability. These can be incorperated into your build, we can also build you a one off aluminium petrol tank and seat pan if required, this will retain that 60/70's retro look. You will end up with a  bike that is reliable and that is personalized to you, there is no limit to what can be achieved. Below is one of our builds in progress. Please feel free to contact us to discuss  any aspect of your project.     

Triumph bonneville Conversion

Update Triumph Bonneville build

Above is a build in progress of a Triumph Bonneville that is being converted into a Cafe Racer for  more infomation and photos of the build please click the photo above .